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The Scented Bohemian

Moisture Lock Body Oil

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Lack of humidity and cold air in winter causes skin to become dry an dehydrated. Lotions tend to rub off quickly, but body oils offer the perfect way to keep your skin moisturized.

Our body oils have a remarkable ability to quench your thirsty skin while our essential oil blends will relax your mind. We have carefully selected calming, nourishing botanical oils that are light and non-comedogenic (will not clog pores), are high in micro-nutrients and antioxidants and rich in vitamin E.

Our non-greasy formula will enhance the quality and health of your skin by soaking quickly and deeply into pores. leaving you moisturized all day long. When your skin has a healthy balance of moisture, it feels soft and supple, making you both look good and feel good.

Sublime Satin is fresh, light and clean with notes of citrus, lavender, patchouli and frankincense.

Bohemian Blossom has feminine, soft and subtly sweet aroma that transports you to fields of wild flowers. It has notes of ylang ylang, bergamot and rose.

120 ml glass pump bottle


Contains borage oil, camellia oil, jojoba oil, safflower oil and our proprietary essential oil blends.

How to Use