6 Natural Anti-Aging Tips For Younger Skin, December 2, 2019

6 Natural Anti-Aging Tips For Younger Skin, December 2, 2019

Aging is a beautiful thing. While we may not always see it that way, aging means growth and growth is a beautiful thing. 

As we age, we shed our old skin and grow into the people that we’ve always been meant to be.

But the truth is that aging isn’t always so friendly to our bodies, and especially not to our skin.  

There are, of course, plenty of products available on the market that are designed to reduce wrinkles and help you reverse the signs of aging.

But most of these products are made using harsh, man-made ingredients that we know very little about and that we really don’t want to be using on our skin.



Reversing the signs of aging, naturally

Younger-looking skin is something that we all desire. 

Laugh lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, dark spots… These are sometimes our biggest obsessions.

But while we can’t escape aging, we can delay many of its signs by using the following natural anti-aging tips. 

Today, women (and men too), are spending small fortunes on man-made anti-aging products. 

But while these products are often proven to reduce the signs of aging, they’re also loaded with harsh, man-made chemicals that can actually be bad for your skin and health in the long-term. 

Fortunately, there are many natural anti-aging products and remedies that can help you fight the signs of aging, without slathering dangerous chemicals onto your skin. 

In today’s article, we’re going to take a look at 4 natural aging tips to keep your skin looking young and healthy. 

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Eat a Well-Balanced Diet

They say you are what you eat. This couldn’t be any truer when it comes to your skin. 

In fact, young-looking, healthy skin starts with the foods that we eat. 

While eating junk foods is sure to cause breakouts and acne, eating natural and nutritious foods can significantly improve the look of your skin, 

Junk foods are loaded with trans fats and sodium, neither of which are good for your body, or for your skin. 

So instead of munching on greasy potato chips, try grabbing some sliced veggies and hummus. 

Veggies are loaded with all sorts of essential vitamins and minerals. Meanwhile, hummus contains an abundance of proteins and iron, both of which can help contribute to healthier, younger-looking skin (and satisfies your appetite).



Drink Green Tea 

Green tea is chock full of Vitamin B2 and Vitamin E, both of which are essential for skin health maintenance. 

Vitamin B2 plays an essential role in maintaining collagen levels for youthful skin structure and firmness. While vitamin E supports new skin cell growth, it also acts as an intense hydrator for soft and nourished skin.  

Vitamin E is also a powerful antibacterial agent that can help fight acne and unclog your pores.

Furthermore, the polyphenols in green tea damage bacterial membranes and help your body fight against infection, meaning that green tea is an excellent weapon against the bacterial growth that causes acne.

Lastly, many of the natural compounds found in green tea help reduce systemic bacterial inflammation, providing you with smoother, more toned skin.

But not all green teas are created equal. 

Look for organic, loose leaf tea to ensure you’re getting the most benefits from your cup. 

And if you’re not crazy about the taste? Try a flavored blend, such as Steeped Tea’s Jasmine, or even Creamy Root Beer.

Stay Hydrated

You’ve probably heard this countless times before in your life. Our skin is our largest organ and it needs hydration to be healthy!

But keeping your body properly hydrated is essential to good health. And on top of that, proper hydration can also make a huge difference in how your skin looks. 

According to BonaFideSkinCare.com, keeping your body, and your skin, properly hydrated often takes more than the often stated 8 glasses per day. 

A huge increase is often needed depending on your level of physical activity, as well as a number of other factors that can impact your hydration level. 

Regardless, the truth is that drinking enough water can provide a number of natural, and very noticeable results to the tone and texture of your skin. And often, results can be seen within 2 to 5 days as your skin cells are slowly regenerated. 

And not only does drinking enough water improve the look and feel of your skin, but it has also been known to reduce many of the other signs of aging.



Use a Facial Oil

Most people would think that putting oil on their face would cause a breakout. But that’s not always the case. 

In fact, using a natural facial oil is an excellent way to help keep your skin vibrant and young-looking, and some cultures have even been using facial oils for thousands of years. 

According to skincare experts, this ancient skincare secret has been making a comeback recently. 

And it could just be the missing components your skincare routine has been waiting for. 

But not all facial oils are the same. Some help nourish your skin, while others may contain potential irritants. 

That’s why it’s best to choose a natural facial oil, like our Restorative Facial Oil,  which doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients or irritants. 

Check Your Mental Health

Physical, mental and oxidative stress are all major contributors to the body’s natural aging process. 

Physical and mental stress can be caused by a wide range of factors, including work, family, finances, and so on. 

Meanwhile, oxidative stress is caused when there is an imbalance of free electrons in the atomic structure of the molecules that make up our bodies.

Essentially, the more stress we put on our body and mind, the more likely they are to begin showing signs of aging. 

So if you’ve been feeling stressed lately, you might want to add some sort of de-stressing activities to your routine. 

Consider joining a yoga class, getting more exercise, and simply learning to let things go at the end of the day. 



Use Bakuchiol Instead of Retinols

Although retinols can improve the appearance and youthfulness of your skin, they have only been around for a few decades and can be harsh to use, especially if you already have sensitive skin.

For a more natural anti-aging solution, try using products that contain bakuchiol, a gentle, vegan-friendly alternative to using harsh retinoids on your skin. 

Bakuchiol extract is derived from the Psoralea corylifolia, and can provide many of the same benefits to your skin, but without any irritating side effects.

Finally, the scented bohemian is happy to announce that we’re in the early stages of testing a bakuchiol infused night oil and already seeing results and we’ll also be testing a day serum in the coming months.

Natural Anti-aging Tips 

The signs of aging are something that we all wish we could live without. 

But while it’s impossible to escape this inevitable fact of life, we can reduce the signs of aging by taking better care of our bodies. 

In today’s post, we’ve focused on natural anti-aging tips for your skin. 

But the truth is that in order to truly reduce the signs of aging, you need to take care of your whole-body health, not just your skin.

So stay hydrated. 

Eat healthy foods. 

And take care of your mental health. 

These things are so often overlooked, especially as we age. 

But they do contribute to our overall health and well-being, and that, of course, includes our skin. 


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