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Unique, natural and entirely handcrafted, the scented bohemian wants to help you care for yourself in the best way possible… naturally.   

We offer a wide selection of all-natural personal care products that you can feel good about using.  

From our natural skincare products for people and pets to our hand poured soy candles and so much more, we’re sure to have something everyone will love.

Our ingredients are always mindfully selected to offer a wide range of benefits to your overall health and well-being. 

And since all of our products are made with naturally-derived, safe-to-use, chemical-free ingredients, you can feel confident about using them on yourself and the ones you love. 

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the scented bohemian

the scented bohemian

My skin at 58!

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After six months of using our Restorative Facial Oil, my skin tone changed so drastically that I completely stopped wearing foundation. My friends and co-workers began asking what I was using to achieve such drastic results and where they could get it…

the scented bohemian was born as a result.  

Something for everyone

the scented bohemian's products

We stock a variety of 100% all natural care products to suit all members of your family, even the dog!  From our anti-aging line, our skin and hair staples, and our healing salves, you're sure to find something for all your needs.  

Committed to Quality

all-natural, all the time.

Our hand crafted natural products provide a chemical-free, effective option to mass-produced goods.  We use the highest quality naturally derived ingredients and prepare small batches to ensure  freshness, consistency and purity.

all natural, all the time

the scented bohemian is proud to be a Canadian-owned boutique, locally serving the breathtaking Ottawa Valley and surrounding areas.  


Taking care of yourself naturally isn’t just about looking good, it’s about feeling good too!

Our body products are designed to restore your skin and hair’s natural vitality, rejuvenating any damaged areas and giving you the best possible glow. 

Check out our exclusve line-up of all-natural anti-aging products

These naturally formulated oils and creams have all been researched, designed and tested to bring you the best natural, chemical-free alternatives you’ll find online. 

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